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Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties 

Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties is now booking Male Entertainers for Bday & Bachelorette Parties.

Let the professionals here at Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties organize your next party. Only here can you book the V.I.P. Party Package that includes both your dancer along with Free Admission for the entire group along with Free Bottle & discounted drinks.

This is the 1st & only all inclusive package of it’s kind available to women only in the Cincinnati area.

So if your looking for the Ultimate Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties call now!

(513) 454-7222

Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties

Cincinnati Male Strippers

Bachelorette Parties

Book Now!

Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties offers a truly 1 of a kind experience that not only includes a professional male entertainer for a show that last 45 to 60 minutes. We also offer an all inclusive nightclub package that will get the entire party of Females (Only) into to hottest nightlife destination in the area & yeah it also gives you a free round of drinks with discounted prices after that. Now that is an offer to hard to resist only Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties offers that.

Jerry Pope is an Entertainer/Actor who resides locally & offers a 1 of a kind experience along with a Club Crawl with FREE Admission & Complimentary Bottle Service.If you would like to see more on Jerry’s Acting feel free to click here

He was also a Lead Performer with Chippendales.

We are not a nationwide site with stock model photo’s all over who you see is who you get no bait & switch or your Money Back!!


Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties

Male Strippers

#1 Male Entertainer & V.I.P. Host

  • Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties
  • Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties
  • Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties

Cincinnati Male Strippers

Now Booking

  • Cincinnati Male Strippers
  • Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties
  • Cincinnati Male Strippers

Male Strippers In Cincinnati

(513) 454-7222

  • Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties
  • Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties
  • Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties

V.I.P. Party Packages

Bachelorette Party Packages

Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties

Cincinnati Male Strippers

Bachelorette Parties

Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties can organize the Ultimate Bachelorette Party or Bday celebration complete with the areas #1 Male Entertainer.

When you book the Ultimate V.I.P. Party Package with Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties you get a FREE Club Crawl with FREE Bottle service & Admission for the entire group to.

Galla Park

Only we have this party package because we are the Only Local Agency offering the best party package with the area’s most requested entertainer.

There are plenty of sites out there these days offering Cincinnati male dancers aka Cincinnati male strippers but the thing you want to keep in mind is these site are notorious for using what is known as stock-model-photos. These sites are offering dancers that have never even worked around.

Not Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties!! We are local to the area that is how we can put together such a great package that is not only fun & exciting but affordable.

Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties is the home for The Men Of Torque Cincinnati’s original Supershow created by Actor & Stuntman Jerry Pope

Jerry is an Entertainer & Actor that has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He also has traveled thru-out the world  with is show & as a Lead with the Chippendales. He brings professionalism, reliability & high quality with him to each performance.

There are many sites offering Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties but none of them can put the package & price point together as good as we can!

Okay so what is the Cincinnati V.I.P. Party Package & Club Crawl then?

We currently offer Cincinnati’s #1 male entertainer for a 45 to 60 minute party that includes a sound system, music, lights, & outfit choices.

Then you get a club crawl to the hottest nightclub in town Galla Park that includes FREE admisission for the entire with a FREE drinks as well.

If you still wish to research Jerry Google

So why bother with any other site?

Book with Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties now!

Call now Ohio, Ky, In


You having a party but feeling a little confused on were to book the entertainment? If you answered yes or even maybe then you have found the right site for you next Cincinnati bachelorette party. We have the best Cincinnati male strippers who are ready to make your next bachelorette party or ladies only event one to remember for the ages.

Maybe your a nightclub looking to host the ultimate ladies night. If so the booking The Men Of Torque male revue is a certain choice. They we’re one of the groups who got researched for Magic Mike XXL & one of the only Male Revues Shows that feature dancers from the movie.

Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties

Male Strippers

Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties has the best Cincinnati male strippers that the area has to offer for your next party. One of the reason’s you should hire Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties is becasue we are going to organize your evening & provide your party rather it be a bachelorette party, bday celebration or any other ladies night event you may be having. Okay how?

When you book with Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties you get an all inclusive V.I.P. party package experience complete your dancer who can arrive at your location rather it be a home residence, hotel, condo or party bus complete with a club club to downtown Cincinnati to the hottest nightclub on the banks Galla Park

Once your party arrives you will have your name on the guest list the entire party of girls will then be let in for FREE with a complimentary bottle following your entrance into the club as official V.I.P.’s that is going to leave you feeling like Rock Stars for the evening.

Calling all Bachelorette parties, Bday celebration’s & Ladies Nights! We have what you need to make your night & party that excitement & fun that you oh so want & need. Maybe you have a friend that is on the fence about booking Cincinnati male strippers? Well the only way to find out is book one. We are very professional & treat all women with respect. You are about to learn just how booking Cincinnati male strippers with us works so you have an idea what to expect when hot Cincinnati male strippers show up on your doorstep.

Okay so we all agree you have been looking for male strippers in Cincinnati & only Cincinnati Bachelorette Parties offers the Ultimate V.I.P. party package that gives ladies the opportunity to see there fantasy right in front of them. It is nearly impossible to think of anything else when you have sexy Cincinnati male strippers in front of you.

We come prepared with a number of wardrobes to choose from the most popular are.

Suit & Tie (Fifty Shades), Cop, Cowboy we offer more just ask upon booking your male strippers in Cincinnati. You can have peace of mind knowing that you booked Cincinnati male strippers with the most reputable agency in the area.




 Q. Do you accept last minute bookings?

A. Yes but most customers order 1-2 weeks before their party date and will get their choice of dancers. If you order service on the same day you need it (or roughly within 24 hours), we will send you whomever is available first. This is not like ordering a pizza but however you can also relax knowing that all of the exotic dancers we employ are attractive.

Q. Can I have a dancer come to a bar or club we are going to?

A. Good question the answer is Yes only if you have a private room that is away from the rest of the bar or club. Reason being is that a drunk or jealous person or people could start confrontation of sorts & that is nothing that nobody wants to deal with. 

 Q. Can I have my party at a hotel?

A. Yes, just make sure the hotel knows you are having a party. Most hotels welcome your business and may also have a special party room. Otherwise parties can get loud and the hotel has the right to kick everyone out. Just notify the hotel and let them accommodate you.

Just make sure you have have cell phone on and with you all night. Your dancer will call you the day of to get the room number.

Q. What is the Unlimited Time exactly

A. Okay so what that means exactly is that if you decide to keep your exotic dancers after the first 45-60 minute show is up then there is no charge for the 2nd hour BUT you Must Continue to TIP your entertainer (s).

Q. How old does everybody have to be at the party?

A. Everyone at the party must be 18 years or older.

Q.What costumes do the dancers have?

A. The male entertainers all have the following: Policemen, Firemen, Construction Workers, Business Men ( 50 Shades), Pizza Delivery Guys, and many more.

The female entertainers all have the following: Lingerie Models, Playboy Bunnies, School Girls, Dominatrix, Police Women, Cowgirl, and many other sexy outfits!

Some entertainers may not have all of the costumes listed above & some may have more. Very few have unusual outfits like a clown suit or gorilla costume or any other random outfit in their wardrobe. However, if you have the costume beforehand, the entertainers would be happy to wear it.

Q. We have some guests that are shy what about them?

A. Sure just make your entertainer aware when they arrive.

Q. Will the strippers be on time?

A. We ask for an hour window meaning if you want your dancer (s) to arrive at 8:00 then make your time window from 7:30 to 8:30 with a preferred time of 8:00. By giving this window then getting your dancers to arrive on time makes it easier to be done.
This gives them enough time to get to & from parties some may also being getting tipped to stay over you will be able to take advantage of that also.
Please contact us if you have not heard from your stripper and they are more than 30 minutes late.

Q. Do the strippers call before they arrive?

A. Yes they will call you at some point that day also they call upon arrival that is also when the remainder of the show balance is to be collected.

Q. Do I need music for the stripper?

A. No, your dancer brings a radio and music. If you request a special song, please bring the music to the party and then ask the entertainer to incorporate it into their show.

 Q. Can I take pictures during the show?

A. There are no pictures or video cameras allowed while the dancer is nude. However, it is up to each individual entertainer to make that decision. You must ask the entertainer before they begin. However, some entertainers may charge extra for photographs.

Q. Can I change the Party Address?

A. Please avoid switching your party address on the night it takes place. With that being said any last minute changes need to be confirmed. This means if you DO NOT HEAR BACK from us, assume that NO changes were made. You also might be responsible for a cancellation fee if the dancer is unable to make it to the new address.